Adult Mens

Technical Fit Mannequins

Body Types

Our adult men’s range encompasses a variety of body sizes and types, from regular to plus size. All models are hand constructed from GRP fibreglass and cast polyurethane. Available surface finishes include industrial polyurethane lacquer or cotton or lycra fabric covered finish. Our adult men’s mannequins come with the standard features below. Legs forms come with some of the standard features below. To find out more about any of these body types, click the enquiry button below.

Standard Features

In the adult dress forms we have an over-sized keyhole-button system with a chamfered edge on the button for easier fitting of the arms into the keyhole.

A large turned aluminium handle at the top allows users to easily lift the dress form on and off the stand.

Articulated elbow

*Select Models Only
Reinforced articulated jointed elbows on selected models allow for better assessment of garments by mimicking body movement.

Techical Fit Manequins are covered in technical performance fabric but some models have a industrial lacquer painted finish.

The Standing Pegs attachment is an optional extra feature which will enable your form to stand on its feet instead of hanging.

Each of our forms are supplied with a heavy-duty, height-adjustable, industrial steel base complete with lockable castor wheels.

Optional Features

Detachable head 

Select models only

Collapsible Shoulders

Available on fibreglass fabric covered finish models only

Detachable Leg

Detachable feet 

Select models only

Standing Pins

Measurement Lines

Painted Froms only

Landmark points

Fabric covered models only