Our Company

  • Established in 1989, supplying to the apparel industry for 30 years
  • Family-owned and managed with a dedicated team of employees
  • Conducted and involved in Sizing surveys and Anthropometric studies
  • Customer service and quality-oriented, flexible product offering
  • Fast custom-development turnaround time

how we can help your business

  • Extensive range of models: infants, children, teen, men’s and ladies, plus size adults forms
  • Anatomically-correct Natural form body shapes for accurate garment fitting
  • Large array of features to optimise functionality and user-experience
  • High Quality finishes in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Small measurement tolerances ensure accuracy
  • Technical Customised Development services to assist companies in defining
  • their brand fit standards
  • Consultation on sizing and body chart optimisation

Our Customers

  • International apparel retailers and brands, apparel manufacturers
  • Couturiers and professional designers
  • Education Institutes, film and events industry

“Quality that speaks for itself”

Why use our Mannequins and Avatars?….

Use of an approved brand fit standard mannequin or sets of mannequins results in significant time and cost saving for both retailer and manufacturer alike. Compounded over time adds up to huge cost saving & more environmentally- friendly practices. If implementing 3D, using the correct, approved avatar that is identical and consistent with the physical form is critical in achieving a consistent workflow.

In addition, the following can be achieved:

  • Faster Product development times and improved speed to market
  • Improved consistency, accuracy, and quality resulting in improved brand loyalty
  • Reduced return rates for poor fit and incorrect sizing
  • More sustainable and eco-friendly workflows