Only quality materials are used in the construction of our tailors mannequins, from the industrial-grade fiberglass shells to the solid brass, stainless steel and beechwood neck fittings.

Detachable magnetic arms allow for easier garment fitting. Arm can rotate in position to mimic natural arm movement.


Natural form body shapes with anatomically accurate body landmarks to aid with garment fitting.


Articulated arms and joints on selected models allow for better assessment of garments (sleeves and leggings), by simulating body movement.


Covered models feature a double-lined bodice which allows for pinning of garments. A durable flesh-toned lycra is used for this purpose which follows the natural contours of the body.


Full-body infant models feature articulated limbs to simulate natural movement and posture.


Industrial lacquer –painted models are perfect for fitting of knitted garments and textiles which tend to ‘drag’ on fabric covered mannequins. This allows for better draping of the garment without dragging or pulling.


Revolutionary soft-form models have been developed to assist in the assessment of tighter fitting garments, as it is able to show where the garment pulls into the body. Very good for pinning and draping.


Collapsible shoulders allow for easy fitting of tops or delicate outerwear. (Available on fabric-covered models only)


Height-adjustable epoxy-coated steel bases are included with each form, consisting of a solid steel base plate with tubular steel upright. Fitted castor wheels allow for easy mobility. Fitted hanger bracket supplied for hanging garments.