Figure Forms offers a unique service, allowing clients to have mannequins made according to their specific body dimensions. Using our resource of over 200 different body sizes allows us to offer a cost-effective method of developing new sizes compared to other mannequin manufacturers. We have successfully conducted long-distance projects for many international clothing retailers as well as for the the South African market.

3D Developments

Our custom developments are now conducted using state-of-the-art technology. We develop the initial Virtual 3D Prototype using a combination of CAD and Organic modelling Software. This is an extremely accurate method allowing us to achieve specifications within 1mm of required specifications and to perfect symmetry.

Once a 3D prototype is approved, we machine a High-density polyfoam prototype using CNC milling machines, and this HD foam prototype type can be used for final approval by the customer.

Finally the set of Master Moulds will then be taken from this HD foam prototype, allowing us to produce and reproduce the final products for the customer and their vendors.

At every stage of the development, measurements are taken, checked and re-checked to ensure accuracy of the highest degree.


Figure Forms has also developed forms based on statistical data generated from South African sizing surveys, more recently for children’s and infants clothing. We also facilitate in bringing relevant parties together in order to drive such surveys and future projects.