Tailoring mannequins and fit forms are a vital assessment tool in garment design and the production process, and having the correct mannequin can save much time and cost in the approval of sample garments prior to full production.

We are able to give consultation services to our customers – whether you are a start-up and need advice on how to start your Brand or Apparel company, or to the well-established corporate and commercial retailers on evolving local and international trends.

Figure Forms is a leading consultant to retailers, manufacturers and designers in the apparel industry, and over the past 25 years has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience related to body sizing, anthropometric data and body sizing surveys. We have worked closely with many retailers and brands, both South African and international, in developing products specific to target market requirements. This is vital in minimising sample approval time and cost the cost and time it takes to get sample garments approved, particularly for manufacturers. As a result Figure Forms has gained invaluable insight and information into the apparel industry and evolving anthropometric trends, so that we are able to offer a consulting service and pass on this knowledge to customers.

We have conducted independent size surveys and been part of national anthropometric surveys over the years, assisted in drafting size charts and body measurement charts for retailers and independent brands, and have had access to international trends and information that we have gathered, analysed and have used in developing custom fit forms and standard ranges of fit forms for our customers.

Rory Millam currently sits as a South African delegate and expert on the ISO TC133 – Clothing Sizing Systems – Size Designation, size measurement methods and digital fittings, and is the Convenor of ISO/TC133 Working Group 4 – Garment Measurement Methods. He also represents the industry as part of the mirror SABS TC133 committee.


Previous Sizing Surveys and Information
“G9” Children’s Size Survey & “G9” Range of Fit Forms (2 years to 14 year olds) (South Africa)

Infant Size Survey & “IS” Range of Fit Forms (Newborn to 2 year olds) (South Africa)

Maternity Size Survey (South Africa)

Moderate Women’s Body Chart & Range of standard Fit Forms (sizes 8 to 18) (South Africa)

“AC” Range (Australian Children) Fit Forms developed to Australian Standards measurement specifications (Australia)

“Sample Size” body measurement charts for over 300 body types and sizes (International)

Consultation Fees
Dependant on your specific requirements, travel costs if necessary, and consultancy period.

Contact us for more information and to discuss what packages we can assist with.

“Informal” Consultancy fee – R 350 per hour. Contact us for more information on this.

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