Figure Forms CC, founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 1989, is a family-owned and managed company and has supplied quality fit forms to the South African and International garment manufacturing industry since its inception. Having an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the industry, we produce quality tailoring mannequins at a competitive cost to both large clothing retailers and their suppliers, and the fashion couturier and home dress-maker. Brothers Ross and Rory Millam are now continuing the work their parents started, in providing a quality product and service to the industry. Figure Forms is proud that it has been able to offer its products and services to many brand-name customers for more than twenty years, and has developed lasting friendships with many of them over this period.

We have undertaken numerous custom developments for clothing retailers both in South Africa and Australia and the United Kingdom. All forms are made to precise anatomical measurements and to meet the required tolerances given. Our range of products encompasses over 200 different sizes of ladies, mens, childrens and infant fit forms. All mannequins are hand produced from robust Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polymer or cast Polyurethane and hand assembled and finished with quality fittings in stainless steel, brass and beechwood.

We are also committed to a process of continuous product improvement while keeping our costs competitive and limiting the impact of the manufacturing process on the natural environment. The company follows responsible waste-disposal protocols for materials that could be harmful to the environment. Figure Forms is also committed to providing a safe working environment for all staff members, and follows South African guidelines for occupational health and safety.

As a requirement of South African labour legislation, Figure Forms is a member of the relevant industry bargaining council, and therefore is required to adhere to prescribed industry labour practices and wage rates for employees. We are committed to improving the skills level of all employees and provide for on-the-job training of staff, while keeping in mind the importance of job creation and sustainability. Many of Figure Forms’ employees are long-time staff members being employed for ten years or more.

Figure Forms fully understands the role and importance of the fit form in clothing design and manufacture and the cost-saving value that it offers to apparel manufacturers and quality-assurance departments.  Hence we strive to provide the most complete service and advice when it comes to purchasing or developing a tailoring mannequin.